Do I need to download anything to run geoAMPS products?

No. Access to geoAMPS Web platform simply requires a Web browser and an Internet connection. Apps do require a simple initial install.

What browser should I use to access geoAMPS Web applications?

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser. Although no official study has been done, we do find that the Web application runs faster on Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome for your PC or Mac.

When is geoAMPS Support available and how do I contact them?

24/7 Support at

9am-5pm EST

Will geoAMPS products run on Mac?

Yes. See Specs.

Will geoAMPS work with my existing technology?

Yes. We support SharePoint, SAP, Well Connect and SCADA. For a complete listing of mergeable applications please contact geoAMPS.

Can I receive additional training on the geoAMPS products?

Yes. Send an email to with a request for additional training and a Training Specialist will contact you about setting up a training session.

What is the typical time-frame for implementation?

Two weeks. For larger organization with more extensive modifications the average implementation length is two to three months.

What size projects benefit from geoAMPS solutions?

Any project can benefit from centralizing information into a geoAMPS single platform. Through observation geoAMPS has witnessed larger projects with 60 or more agents experience an average of 35% increase in efficiency.

What is the Detached platform?

The Detached application is a platform that allows agents to work offline when a connection is not available or is unreliable. This gives users the ability to make changes in the project database, and then when reconnected to the Web, push the updates to the Web application.

What does real-time mean?

Real-time means as changes are made on documents and data that updated information is available immediately to other agents using the system. This feature is available across all geoAMPS products including GIS, keeping information current.

If I purchase gisAMPS, do I need additional licenses to run the application?


Is billing per user or per project?

geoAMPS solutions are billed based on the pricing model you choose. See Pricing.

What are the minimum requirements to operate geoAMPS products?

Please see our system requirements page.

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