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Your Data, The Right Way

The land services industry is vital to the health and growth of the global economy. Yet, the process of acquiring right of way has become more complex, expensive, time consuming and socially sensitive. The geoAMPS solution sets the standard for acquiring and managing land rights.

Whether you are building a new pipeline, transmission line or acquiring an existing one, rowAMPS provides a centralized repository for managing all of your land rights and infrastructure asset information.

Key Product Features

Bringing transparency and accountability to your Right-of-Way processes. 

Mobile & Offline

Access, update and input new information across Web, mobile, offline and GIS mapping. Check out our iPhone and Android apps.


Mobile & Web application, Single source for all information, Work online & offline, Multiple languages/countries, Available on Windows and Mac, Web-based GIS mapping

Share & Integrations

Cross department integration, Collaboration across organization, No need for hardware updates


Each organization has unique needs and challenges. Our customers gain efficiencies by configuring our software to meet their specific needs.


The central repository provides flexibility to work across various departments and devices. It’s searchable. And, it’s paperless.



Process standardization, Eliminate unapproved changes, Knowledge retention, Project dashboards & quad reports, Real-time alerts & notifications


Canned, adhoc & scheduled reports, Business intelligence, Document versioning, Workflow engine, Business rules engine


Configure status dashboards for projects, properties, agents, etc. Quick view makes dashboard useful.

Data Migration

Data migration is a process of extracting data, correcting errors, reformatting and transferring the data into a new software solution.


Role based system, Reduction in errors, Automatic updates, ESRI, Bing & Google Maps support, Audit trail

Project Management

Keep your right-of-way projects moving forward. Assign tasks, manage workflows, schedule alerts and track negotiations. Automatically generate reports from real-time updates, statuses and more.

  • Centralized database to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Notifications of key dates and payments
  • Integrate information across all business functions
  • Status dashboards for projects, properties, agents, etc.
  • Use templates to automatically generate documents
  • Automatically version documents

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Schedule Tasks & Workflows

Assign tasks to users, schedule automatic alerts and exchange notes with field agents through mobile devices. Keep on top of acquisitions while improving workflows and overall project efficiency.

  • Workflows to automate processes and approvals
  • Get daily project assignments from a mobile device
  • Capture electronic signatures in the field
  • Update information in the field without returning to the office
  • Role-based user access security with audit trails

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Budget Reporting

Track where project funds are at all times. Receive real-time updates on the project cost to date and a forecast of money you can expect to spend.

  • Track all land related payments, due dates, statuses, and required pricing indexes
  • Automate invoices, payment notifications, and receipts
  • Stand-alone or integrate seamlessly with in-house accounting system without the need for additional merging software
  • Track agent hours and spending for effortless invoicing

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Perfect For

rowAMPS product is specially designed for certain industries.

Land Service Companies

Stand out over your competition. Manage agent workflows and keep clients happy with real-time access to project updates.


Utility & Pipeline Companies

Get unlimited access to your information. See real-time project status reports by having your vendors enter data into one place.


How does it benefit you and your projects?

The rowAMPS solution allows companies to manage right-of-way projects and land assets in a real-time.


An average 35% increase in efficiency. Our real-time tracking environment enables collaboration, time savings and error reduction across projects.


With help of project management elements, you can streamline your processes.


  • Configuration & customization
  • 24/7 Email & Phone Support
  • Training
  • Certification available

Paperless Environment

Don't have to carry papers, go green

Error Reduction

Minimal chances of you making errors.


You can be up and running with our software in as little as two weeks and in full production within one month.

Get up and running in as little as 2 weeks!

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