The Workflows/Business Rules Management module is one of the ways each instance can be made specific to each organization’s unique business needs. Business Rules Management provides real-time validation to ensure data integrity and reduce data entry errors, depending on the custom requirements defined by each organization. The module can make certain fields mandatory before record creation and will flag these fields to notify users when something required has been left blank. Restrictions on the type of information entered into specific fields can also be defined, including:

  • Character limits
  • Only allowing numeric text
  • Using predefined formatting for information such as email addresses, phone numbers and dollar amounts

The system makes it apparent any time users enter values outside these restrictions. The workflows component of this module provides the ability to set up and manage approval workflows for various business processes. Once information is submitted into a workflow, the system will automatically route the information to the next step in the review process, until the defined workflow is complete or final approval is achieved.

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