Right of way acquisitions are challenging. Constant regulation change, cross jurisdiction projects and landowner variability all add to the challenge of acquiring and maintaining information across right of way projects. Developed in conjunction with right of way experts and experienced technologists, rowAMPS is the only complete electronic solution to face the challenges of right of way projects.

rowAMPS provides organizations with the tools to manage right of way projects including but not limited to the planning, acquisition, maintenance and dispositions processes. With real-time updates on progress and workflows, users gain the ability to track all ROW related activities.

Top Features

Key Benefits

  • Single source for all information
  • Process standardization
  • Reduction in cycle times (Avg. of 35%)
  • Cross department integration
  • Collaboration across organization
  • Ability to work offline
  • No-charge configuration & customization
  • Eliminate unapproved changes
  • Real-time alerts & notifications
  • Knowledge retention
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Quick start (in as little as 2 weeks)
  • Best in class customer support
  • Best in class security
  • No need for hardware updates
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Multiple languages/country’s


  • Centralized repository (land infrastructure)
  • Role based system
  • Reduction in errors
  • Automatic updates
  • Web based solution for data entry and mapping (GIS)
  • Compatible with ESRI, Bing and Google Maps
  • Reporting – canned, adhoc & scheduled
  • Business intelligence
  • Built in document versioning
  • Built in workflow engine
  • Built in business rules engine
  • Configurable notifications
  • Project dashboards and quad reports
  • Available on windows, mac and other devices

rowAMPS included modules:
  • Payments Tracking
  • Title
  • Acquisition
  • Survey
  • Legal
  • Track and Ownership Information
  • Permitting
  • Access Road and Well Sites
  • Negotiation
  • Document Management
  • Canned Reports
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Business Rules Management

Full Product Module Breakdown

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rowAMPS will be the industry standard for right of way very soon.

E.L. Document Specialist